The Purpose

An invention can be serve many purposes, these purposes might differ significantly and they may change over time. An invention or a further developed version of it may serve purposes never envisioned...



The Process

Invention is a creative process. An open and curious mind allows an inventor to see beyond what is known. Seeing a new possibility, a new connection or relationship can spark an invention.




Insight is also a vital element of invention. It may begin with questions, doubt or a hunch. It may begin by recognizing that something unusual or accidental may be useful or that it could open a new...




Inventions get out into the world in different ways. Some are sold, licensed or given away as products or services. Simply exhibiting visual art, playing music or having a performance ...


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Located in Toronto, Canada, The Concept to Creation Co-operative (CCC) is comprised of a group of dedicated individuals whose mandate is to assist the individual inventor in getting his or her idea or product to the marketplace for profitable sales.

Today, there exists a huge gap between an inventor's idea and the profitable sale of that idea and/or product in the marketplace. To get to the marketplace, an inventor faces a wide array of challenges that include:


  • conducting market research
  • researching and developing the idea
  • creating a prototype from the idea
  • obtaining intellectual property protection
  • attending to legal issues
  • considering licensing potential
  • attending to financial & accounting issues
  • manufacturing the product
  • packaging the product
  • marketing the product
  • distributing the product

Few inventors have the knowledge and resources to navigate through this maze of challenges and overcome each of them successfully. Most inventors are not business people and as is true for artists, are experts of creativity.

Often large costs in both time and money are incurred before the product gets to the marketplace. The result is that many individual inventors run out of resources before they can profit from their inspiration and many hours of hard work.

Concept to Creation Cooperative (CCC), founded by inventors and other experts from various fields was created to fill this gap and assist in these many challenging areas.

The CCC has attracted some of the most talented inventors and experts from their related fields of abilities, interests and experiences.

    We will take the hard knocks out of the process by championing each invention project.

    We will guide your skills development and provide valued direction and mentoring.

    The CCC endeavors to be a one-stop shop for the inventor by helping to bring his or her dreams to profitable reality.